About Donald Greenough

First of all I would like to thank you for visiting my Art Portfolio. 

A little about me: Well I have just graduated as a full-time student at Bryant and Stratton college for an Associate's in Graphic Design. I started January 11th, 2017, in which all 4  semesters I was awarded Perfect Attendance and Deans List. Graduating with an overall of 3.98 G.P.A., I was also a member in two school clubs: Phi Beta Lambda Business club, and Graphic Design Club, in which I was President of the design club. I also volunteered to run the Student School Store, and my 3rd semester I was inducted into the National Technical Honor Society. In my spare time I enjoy watching Design tutorials on YouTube, which I do mainly to learn new design programs, and/or continue honing my design skills in the current design programs I know already. I chose Graphic Design as a field because of my love of the Arts, being able to create, and being able to work with people of every background. I also chose it because it's a field that is constantly changing and updating itself, thereby giving me the chance to always have something new to learn. I am very dedicated, goal driven, responsible, and very task oriented and organized. I do my best at whatever I set out to do. 

What do I believe it takes to be a good Graphic Designer? Vast Knowledge in the Adobe Suite, (Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign to be specific), along with other design software such as 3ds Max. Having skills and knowledge in Page Layout and Color Theory, as well as a positive attitude,and good eye contact are all primary examples of what it takes to be successful in the Graphic Design Field.

SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS Software Experience and Knowledge: 

Adobe CC SuiteOffice 365, Windows Movie Maker, Autodesk 3ds Max  

Offering excellent customer service and communication/ soft skills. Experienced with the creation of multimedia applications and presentations. 

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